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A secure and reliable payment service that safeguards and facilitates electronic transmission of online payment plays a vital role to the success of e-business. ePayLink is designed to enable e-commerce merchants to accept real-time credit card / PPS payment swiftly and securely over the Internet and mobile phones. ePayLink is an end-to-end payment solution that delivers robust protection, reliability and convenience for Internet users.

ePayLink transacation flow

Benefits of ePayLink

Flexible Payment Options

ePayLink supports payment from widely accepted credit cards including VISA and MasterCard. ePayLink supports multi-currency payment such as HKD, USD & RMB. Beside credit card, ePayLink also provides PPS service that enables customers to make payment directly from their bank accounts.

Competitive Pricing

Small initial outlay that includes low set-up fee, maintenance costs and a competitive transaction pricing schemes are offered to meet the needs of businesses of any dimensions.

Value-added Service

ePayLink customers can enjoy a wide variety of free value-added services such as scheduled / recurring payment collection, mail-order-telephone-order transaction handling, and payment instruction via email, etc.

Easy Deployment

ePayLink is easy to deploy with minimum set-up efforts and short implementation lead-time. We provide dedicated technical support to ensure seamless integration of secure payment services with merchant's e-business applications. Testing accounts and connection can be created for interested merchants to experience the ease-of-implementation and convenience that ePayLink offers.

Reliable 24 x 7 Service

We maintain a local team of professionals to provide support on technical matters, customer hotline services and online email enquiry.

Secure Transaction Handling

All transactions transmitted between merchant's web server, payment gateway and financial institutions are protected using world-class encryption technologies - Triple-DES, RSA and SSL, ensuring the transaction details and credit card information are fully protected.

User-friendly Monitoring Tool

Our user-friendly report tool allows merchants to access real-time transaction reports, giving transaction details, revenue flow and sales data. Merchants can also choose to receive instant email alerts based on pre-set criteria such as Pay Success, Fail or Reject by Bank, etc.


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