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I. Products and Services

What are the payment services provided by ePayLink?
ePayLink is a reliable, secure and cost-effective payment service that enables e-commerce merchants to collect real time credit card / PPS direct debit payment through Internet and mobile phones.
What are the payment options supported by ePayLink?
Currently ePayLink handles multi-currency (HKD, USD & RMB) payment by VISA card and MasterCard. Beside credit card, ePayLink also offers PPS service that allows merchants to collect real time debit payment from customers' PPS accounts.
What are the benefits of ePayLink?
- Flexible Payment Options - Accept worldwide payment from VISA card, MasterCard and PPS direct debit service.
- Competitive Pricing on set-up fee, discount rate and monthly fee package.
- Value-added service - scheduled payment, mail-order-telephone-order transaction handling.
- Reliable local and professional customer service.
- Security - World-class encryption technology and proven security policy and procedures are used to protect privacy, data and transaction security.
- Easy Deployment - Minimum setup efforts, no additional hardware is required; normally deployment time is less than one week.
- User-friendly Administration Tool assists merchant to monitor transaction details and sales statistics.
- Extend your market reach globally.
How does ePayLink work?

Merchant's website is linked up with ePayLink's secured payment platform. When a customer needs to pay for the online transactions, the customer will be redirected to ePayLink's payment page for the customer to enter credit card/accounts information. The payment information will then be forwarded to the financial institutions (i.e. banks and credit card issuers etc.) for approval. Payment results will be notified to customer and merchant instantly.

All transaction data transmitted between the merchant's web server, ePayLink payment gateway and financial institutions are encrypted using world-class encryption technologies. When the transaction is completed and funds are remitted by the acquiring bank, the collected funds are then transferred to the merchant's account on a mutually agreed time. Please see our demo for more details.

Who can apply for ePayLink service?
ePayLink enables business of all sizes, online shops and auction sites to accept real-time online payment. We accept applications from any Hong Kong registered businesses and organizations. ePayLink, however, reserves the right to reject application(s) without the obligation to provide any reason and/or explanation.
How long does it take to implement ePayLink service?
Normally it will take less than one week to turn your existing website into a payment-enabled e-commerce site.
Do you provide shopping cart, web-hosting services in addition to the online secure payment services?
We can refer you to our trusted partners for other services.
How can merchants monitor their online sales transaction?

Merchants can monitor their online sales transaction anytime through ePayLink website www.ePayLink.com. Our user-friendly monitoring tool allows merchants to access real-time transaction details including transaction reports, revenue flow and sales data. Merchants can also choose to receive instant email alerts based on pre-set criteria such as Pay Success, Fail or Reject by Bank, etc.

Will ePayLink disclose merchant's transaction details to other companies?
No, all merchant's transaction details are kept confidential and won't be disclosed to any third parties. Sensitive transaction information is kept within secured servers guarded by proven information security technologies.
Do you offer channel rebate program?
Yes, we welcome enquiry from channel partners and offer attractive incentive rebate for channels. For details, please call our sales hotline at 8100 9840.
What after-sales service do you provide?
We maintain a local team of professionals to provide support on technical matters, customer hotline services and online email enquiry. Onsite support in Hong Kong can be provided at a competitive charge-out rate.
How to apply for ePayLink service?
Simply call our sales hotline at 8100 9840 or send us an email at enquiry@epaylink.com.


II. Financial Arrangement

III. Security and Technical

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